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Each and everyone of you, hairdressers and barbers, has the potential to go beyond your limits, and we are here to help you to overcome the summit.

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Who are we ?

Have you ever felt this pain on your arm which stops you realizing the haircut you wanted ?
This pain, also known as the musculoskeletal disorder or hairdresser disease, can affect your rise, destroying your dreams and your carrier.

For 20 years, we have studied this problem to finally create hairdressing shears, but also combs, brushes and other accessories to help you in your beauty journey. Point cutting ; slice cutting, cutting, each scissors and thinning shears have been made to be adapted to your cutting styles with the maximum ergonomy.

Servicing your scissors and sharpening

Osaka has based its pride and credibility in its sharpening know how. Many hairdressers have trusted us for the maintenance of their favorites scissors.
Straight scissors, thinning scissors, slice cutting, we know and respect all types of blades and can provide sharpening of any brands of hairdressing shears.

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