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With Osaka scissors, we all come to work with only one problem in mind :
How to make the beauty world great again ?
Yes… believe it or not, it’s not our telephone line which sometimes doesn’t work, not the fact that it’s very cold in Paris and in the office, but it’s your concerns :
How can we provide the best tool for every single hairdressers and barbers ?
We are not delivering only a scissors, a comb or a brush, we are delivering happiness, trust and a smile to your face with the satisfaction to see our hairdressing scissors cutting hair like it’s cutting creamy butter or your haircut magnified by our tools.
Osaka scissors is a brand founded in Paris (France) by David Thai. Inspired by a Japanese sharpened who was behind the secret of Osaka scissors quality, our team gained in terms of experience and know-how. Training lasts 5 years, and in 1989, the first ever Osaka Original scissors was launched. Its original shape was very trendy at that time and seduced a large population of hairdressers and barbers : Osaka was born.
Encouraged and motivated by the success of the first scissors, Osaka continues to produce new hairdressing scissors with an extreme accuracy and an unrivalled quality. New ideas and concepts of scissors are created and developed every day. That is how new hairdressing shears such as the Tengen, the Mikazuki or the Stylus were born.
This mix of tradition and modernity which lies into every single Osaka scissors souls, has touched the heart of all Europeans and south Americans hairdressers.
In 2008, we have associated with YS PARK Professional tools and developed the brand in Paris. By sharing the same philosophy (making every haircuts as easy as possible), YS PARK has developed a full range of high end combs, brushes and accessories. Having different signature part, this tools combine smartness and efficiency.
The quality of our tools has attracted hairdressers and ambassadors who gave us the opportunity to be part of the 2 biggest french hairdressing organizations.
The Haute Coiffure ( an important European hairdressing organization. This gathering of hairdressers, who are among the elites of the profession, is now present in 40 countries around the world and is a sophisticated and elegant image of French fashion and hairstylists.
The Intercoiffure ( is a global international organization counting 3000 salons spread in 55 countries. From Paris, to New York with Tokyo and London, Intercoiffure represent the past, present and future of hairdressing.